Weekly Roundup: More 2014 Predictions

weekly roundupAs 2013 draws to a close, pundits from across the F&A spectrum and beyond are gazing into the crystal balls and serving up lists of what might influence CFOs in 2014. Here are a couple that caught our eye this week! (Feel free to tweet us, or follow us @CLARITYes_SGS to continue the conversation…)

From the “It Could Happen” Department

In response to the thoughtful and intriguing set of predictions from the Economist, Rick Newman from The Exchange has outlined five things that the magazine thinks will happen next year that probably won’t.

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Hard Lessons Learned

Financial Director asks five UK FDs what lessons they have learned in the past year and the role Finance played in addressing them. They also delve into what they expect from the next 12 months. A lot of good stuff in here!

Read:  Hostage to fortune: FD predictions for 2014 

Optimistic, But Cautious

Despite a steady stream of near-catastrophes in the U.S. economy and a slowly recovering but still shaky global economy, there’s a relative sense of optimism. CFO.com reports on a survey of 125 senior finance executives at organizations with less than $500 million in revenue, 59% said they have set more aggressive growth targets than they did a year ago, compared with 29% looking at slower growth. This article explores the cautionary tale that is 2014. (Note: Registration required)

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Moving On Up!

From a business perspective, if accounting is a non-core function, it can be perceived as a necessary evil that takes time and energy away from the revenue-earning aspects of the business. It can be frustrating to try and keep track of all of the transactions associated with your business. While aimed at SMBs, this infographic is relevant to the mid-market as well.

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The Non-Profit CFO is Expected to Step Up in 2014

This article outlines the goals of the CFO of a non-profit, as well as key challenges the exec must overcome. It includes some best practices for maximizing impact in 2014.

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Need to get your F&A department in tip-top shape for 2014? We’d be happy to offer a free assessment of your current practices. Comments? Questions? I’d be happy to answer.

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