The Weekly Roundup: The New Year in Finance

F&A weekly roundupCompanies can expect big changes in 2017. A host of events and advances, including the Brexit vote, the surprising presidential election, a slowing economic recovery and increasing global unrest, not to mention the ongoing technological revolution, have executives guessing as to what the financial landscape will look like in the New Year. Here, Sutherland presents a few articles that outline some of the key issues and explore how finance leaders plan to adapt. Enjoy the reading! (Feel free to tweet us or follow us @Sutherland_iBPO to continue the conversation.)

Risky Business

A new survey from consulting firm Protiviti and North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management shows that, for 2017, executives are most concerned about the possibility of economic unrest and limited growth opportunities due to global developments. Of the 735 board members and executives polled about risk issues that are likely to impact their companies in the coming year, 72% rated “uncertain economic conditions” as potentially having a significant impact.

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Back to the Future: Directors Focus on the Big Picture

Faced with political and economic uncertainty, many public-company boards are looking to the future, sharpening their focus on company strategy. According to a new survey by the National Association of Corporate Directors, half of public-company directors say that becoming proactively involved with developing their companies’ long-term strategy is among the top priorities for 2017.

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Finance: An Evolving Function

The cloud, Big Data and other technological advances have increasingly poked at the boundaries of F&A, presenting opportunities to go far beyond number crunching. With 2016 drawing to a close, this Accounting Today article offers four ways that finance professionals can go beyond accounting in the next 12 months.

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New Year’s Celebrations: Predictions and Plans for 2017

Wondering how CPAs and accountants plan to ring in the New Year? This annual survey of more than 800 accounting firms shares insights on a range of F&A-related topics, including growth expectations, plans for tech spending, use of social media and upcoming services, all slated for 2017.

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With a slowing economic recovery, a new president headed for the White House and the Federal Reserve set to raise interest rates, plenty of change is in store for the U.S. Central Penn Business Journal presents four financial predictions for the coming year.

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