The Weekly Roundup: F&A Update

F&A weekly roundupWith the New Year just getting underway, Sutherland’s Editorial Team gathered a selection of articles to help finance professionals prepare for the next 12 months. These pieces reflect on 2016 and look ahead to what 2017 could bring, including fresh perspectives on reporting and business fraud, as well as what changes might be in store for the Tax Code. Enjoy the reading! (Feel free to tweet us or follow us @Sutherland_iBPO to continue the conversation.)

Financial Times: The Year in Review

For finance professionals, 2016 came with a slew of changes. There were new Financial Accounting Standards Board rules on lease accounting and credit loss reporting, a new chief accountant at the Securities and Exchange Commission and an updated CPA exam. The question is: Did you stay on top of the latest F&A news stories last year, or are you playing catch-up? Find out in this seven-question quiz from the Journal of Accountancy.

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The world held plenty of distractions for F&A in 2016. Chief among them were the surprising Brexit vote and the unprecedented presidential election. In all that commotion, some finance developments slipped by unnoticed. CFO presents a brief quiz to test your knowledge of a few memorable moments from the past year.

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Accounting for the Future: 2017 Expectations

With an eye on what’s to come in 2017, Forbes contributor Jeff Thomson gets inquisitive with Thack Brown, global head of line of Business Finance at SAP. According to Thack, the New Year will bring “a slew of political, economic and societal factors to account for.” He weighs in on economic volatility, upcoming trends and the continued dominance of technology.

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Defending Against Fraud

Business fraud is a major liability for companies of all sizes. It can have devastating effects on organizations, not to mention local, national and international economies. Fortunately, there’s a way to mitigate the risks associated with fraud: Forensic accounting.

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Dawn of the New Tax Code?

As of January 20, 2017, the Republicans will officially take control of the presidency as well as Congress. Most finance professionals anticipate that the new administration will spell change to the Tax Code, but there’s little consensus on what that change will look like. So, what will 2017 bring?

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Paradigm Shift: A New Take on Business Reporting

Business reports are crucial to gleaning insights and making strategic decisions. But delivering timely, comprehensive reports presents a challenge that too many organizations try to meet with a hodgepodge of convoluted software applications that often have disparate integrations and loose data alignment. It all adds up to too much complexity, too little trust. The time has come for a reporting revolution.

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