Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About RPA But Were Afraid to Ask

weekly roundup  Whether you’re already aware of the brouhaha or are catching up to speed, we’ve rounded up some of the latest and best articles on Robotic Process Automation (that’s RPA for you robotic hipsters) for your reading pleasure. Happy Monday, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Sutherland_iBPO) and now, LinkedIn, for the newest news on RPA.

The Primer

What is this RPA Thing Anyway?
Blue Prism partner, Virtual Operations, has put together an RPA 101 that defines Robotic Process Automation, shows the benefits and outlines its impact on IT departments.
Read: What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA: What’s In It for YOU?

Our own David Brain, Global Head of Process Robotics & Innovation Labs Product Lead (aka “The Robot Wrangler”) chats with the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and outlines cost savings that RPA can deliver, who has the most to gain, and if you are not considering this, why you should.
Read: Interview with David Brain

The Potential

Robots, Robots Everywhere
This Financial Times article presents a compelling case for the potential of robots to help keep our children safer, diagnose diseases and change the way companies do business. Our Ian Barkin comments on how the cost savings and how companies can use a robot to speed up auditing and get insights into what tasks take the most time.
Read: White-collar robots roll into schools, hospitals and offices

The Virtual Swivel
Blue Prism’s Jason Kingdon delivers some keen insights into the impact of Robotic Process Automation, and robots in general, on the future of the BPO industry. Is arbitrage really a just a way station on the road to back office automation? You be the judge.
Read: Robotic Automation: Another Moore’s Law?

The Reality Check

Big Talk or Big Possibilities?
Cathy Tornbohm, VP BPO Research for Gartner, and one of the most prominent analysts in the global outsourcing space, comments on the state of BPO today, the potential impact of robotics, and much more in this Outsource Magazine Q&A. See why she states that “the robot is coming into its own in a rebid capacity, but it’s not the necessarily the perfect answer…”
Read: Q&A with Cathy Tornbohm

RPA Isn’t a Magic Elixir
Our Sean Tinney digs into why, despite the hype, RPA won’t magically fix your company’s problems.
Read: RPA as a Change Agent (Or Why RPA Isn’t a Magic Elixir)

And, It’s Not a Bed of Roses, Either
Thanks to Outsource Magazine for going “full robot”, we have a multitude of articles that explore every aspect of Robotic Process Automation, including this one that turns and unblinking eye to the realities of adopting the new RPA technology.
Read: What are the primary obstacles to the widespread adoption of robotic process automation?

What’s Really Happening?
Seven industry leaders, including our David Brain, offer up an unvarnished look at what is really happening in their organizations, and how they expect Robotic Process Automation to show up over the next year.
Read: How widespread do you see the adoption of robotic process automation being within your own organisation over the next 12 months?


Oh the Places You’ll Go – Or Not!
Our Dan McCue delves into how labor arbitrage is yesterday’s model, and today’s Robotic Process Automation allows you to reduce costs and errors while improving quality, wherever you want. In the US, Europe, Asia – the choice is yours.
Read: Rethinking Offshoring

The Big Shakeup
In this Q&A session with Dan McCue and Virtual Operations’ Matt Smith and Dan Hudson, the threesome explores the possibilities of RPA on both the client side and the provider side. Find out why Dan Hudson purports that “In five or 10 years from now, there’s a good chance that many of the names you recognize as industry leaders today may not be there…”
Read: BPO is Dead, Long Live BPO

Is the “Lights Out” Scenario on the Horizon?
This SSON piece includes an excellent primer on RPA as well as presents RPA as an shared service/BPO solution that is easy to deploy and not sitting on thousands of desktops. This has enormous implications for organizations who can implement the technology themselves, or for BPOs, who can adopt this strategy for their operations.
Read: Is Robotics the Solution to Working Around Legacy Systems?

Who’s Leading the Way?
(Hint: The initials may include SGS.) Horses for Sources has published the first Robotic Premier League Table of service providers delivering robotic-esque automation to their clients.
Read: HfS unveils the first Robotic Premier League Table

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