How to Choose a BPaaS Provider: Platform, Process and Productivity

600px-shutterstock_180263666When it comes to streamlining processes and maximizing returns, many of today’s leading businesses look to BPaaS providers to help them get the job done. But how do they decide which firm will be the right fit? In this blog post, I highlight key points to keep in mind when selecting a BPaaS partner.

Finding the Perfect Package

A BPaaS supplier provides standardized business processes on a pay-as-you go basis by accessing a shared set of resources – people, application and infrastructure. BPaaS offers the complete package: it’s all about assembling IT people, and providing an IT application hosted in a robust infrastructure.

A good BPO vendor will give you access to the process resources and IT personnel you need to manage your business and IT operations. This bundling brings significant agility, cost reduction and efficiency.

As an IT person, I tend to consider a prospective partner’s technology capabilities first and foremost. But for the purposes of this blog, I will focus on what you should consider by way of platform and methodology when selecting a BPaaS provider. (My next blog post will examine IT capabilities.)

Following are six points that will assist you in analyzing and learning about the process capabilities of prospective BPaaS vendors.

Product/Platform Strategy Having a BPO platform in place is a win-win proposition, for the client as well as the supplier. As a client, you become a key contributor to the platform product’s development. It is therefore essential that you have a true BPO partner who will treat you as a collaborator and not merely a buyer. You deserve to partake in the speed and benefits of a broader BPO solution, and the only way to make sure that happens is to be included as a partner.

Once you decide on a provider, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the platform’s roadmap. Check in regularly with your BPaaS supplier to stay on top of upcoming features, and see if you can leverage them in your process areas.

Product Development Methodology – If BPO applications are going to work properly, they must be turned out in a very agile way. Before selecting a BPaaS supplier, ensure that they follow agile development methodologies, such as Scrum, so that your requests will be fed into the application sooner rather than later.

Client Onboarding Transition & Process – A new BPaaS solution will only work well if you have a solid transition process in place. Be certain that your system solution and your BPO partner team will work in tandem to support the launch of all your programs.

Dediated Solution Team – Make sure your BPaaS provider will assign a team that will support you in configuring the new process to your needs. The transition and launch should be rapid and seamless, and that can only happen with a dedicated team and leader in place.

Dedicated IT Support Team – Once your new system goes live, you will need immediate IT support. You should ensure that your SLA includes access to the necessary software support, and that your BPaaS firm will provide timely solutions to solve any of your technology issues.

Communication/Escalation Mechanism – Look for an experienced provider that can offer a structured communication plan to promptly notify you about issues, stoppages and maintenance windows. It’s important to find a BPaaS supplier that has worked with multiple clients on standard processes and platforms.

A Solid Platform for Success

Here at Sutherland, we have vast experience working with companies worldwide, helping them implement platforms and methodologies that result in more effective, efficient processes. We have the expertise and resources to provide technology solutions for your business needs. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for your company, schedule an appointment today.

In my next blog post I will outline the technology capabilities you should evaluate in a prospective BPaaS partner. Look for that next month in July!

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