The Weekly Roundup: F&A in Flux

F&A weekly roundupFor this week’s roundup, Sutherland’s Editorial Team presents a selection of articles that run the gamut on relevant F&A issues. IPOs, millenial workers, automation, financial transparency, the evolving CFO role and the shifting administration – it’s all here, and then some. Enjoy the reading! (Feel free to tweet us or follow us @Sutherland_iBPO to continue the conversation.)

Dos and Don’ts of the IPO

When companies go public, executives often focus almost entirely (if not solely) on external parties, from potential investors to analysts. But in looking to the outside world, the C-suite should remember not to forget about the people on the inside – their employees. At Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit, three top CFOs share their best advice on making IPOs a success for all involved.

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Leading the Way? Millenials in F&A

When it comes to millenials in the workforce, many companies worry that the generation of professionals lacks the requirements to deliver on the leadership roles they seek. The potential impact is particularly concerning for F&A, as several of the largest global accounting firms are actively looking to hire millenials.

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Is the CFO the new CEO?

Much has been written about the evolution of CFO from number cruncher to strategic advisor. For today’s finance chiefs to succeed, they must be able to support the CEO in developing company strategy – and that’s in addition to their more traditional finance duties. In the words of Mark Freebairn, partner and head of financial management practice at executive search firm Odgers Berndtson: “If you look at a job specification from 10 years ago, everything that was on there then is still on there today… But there are two more pages that weren’t there before and are there now.”

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F&A Automation: Friend or Foe?

As automation becomes increasingly prevalent across F&A, some fear that robots could eventually eliminate the accounting profession altogether. Fortunately for finance professionals, not everyone says it will be so. John Williams, head of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, sees automation as an opportunity for the traditional finance function to “shift up the value chain,” freeing up accountants to focus on business strategy rather than transactional tasks.

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CFO of the Future

According to EY’s recent survey, The DNA of the CFO, innovation, imagination and other skills that can help inspire staff and generate loyalty are becoming as important to the finance chief’s role as traditional accounting functions. And the emphasis on strategic capabilities is set to increase for future CFOs. Of the 769 finance leaders surveyed, more than half indicated that aspiring finance leaders must develop leadership and team-building skills, and be prepared to go beyond number crunching, if they hope to transition to a CFO role in the coming five years.

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Good Math: Why Transparent Accounting is Better for Business

For both corporations and governments, good accounting leads to good decisions. And good accounting can’t happen without transparency in financial disclosures. So what can companies and governments do to increase transparency, boost investor confidence and improve their own decision-making? Jim Naughton, assistant professor of accounting information and management at the Kellogg School, offers some tips.

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New Administration, New Normal: How CFOs Can Cope

In the aftermath of the presidential election upset, companies are faced with accepting uncertainty as the new normal for business. But there are lessons to be learned from the Republican campaign, which can help CFOs respond to the election results’ impact on their organizations in the coming months.

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